No Deposits, No Hidden Fees


Extremely reasonable Costs

We offer budget-friendly solutions with no account setup fees, deposits, or additional charges.

Swift Deposits

Deposit funds in as little as 10 seconds, and your account is instantly ready for action.

Robust Accounts

Empower your campaigns with account multiplication and extensive audience targeting.

24/7 Support

Our professional support team is at your service around the clock, ready to assist with any inquiries.

Benefits of Renting Advertising Accounts with Nemi Ads

No Deposits, No Additional Fees
Standard assessmentAgency Advertising AccountPersonal Advertising Account
Unlimited spending capacity.
Quick approval campaigns.
Versatile advertising for conversion and TikTok Shop.
Regular updates on the latest advertising policies.
24/7 support by TikTok experts.
Self top-up
No service fees


Approval after just 2 hours

Step 1

Nemi Ads reviews the product.


The customer prepares resources.

Step 3

Nemi Ads assists in setting up the account.

Step 4

Nemi Ads completes and registers the account.

Step 5

The customer receives the account and loads funds.

Customer Testimonials

Kinh doanh trên Facebook thời điểm này thì cần có TKQC ổn định. Làm việc với NEMI ADS mình chạy cả năm trời mà không lo gì cả.

Anh Thế Anh

Customer Testimonials

Mình đi thuê tài khoản invoice ở rất nhiều bên, nhung chọn gắn bó lâu nhất là NEMI ADS. Tài khoản ổn định, lúc nào các bạn hỗ trợ cũng nhiệt tình.

Anh Giáp Kinh doang online

Customer Testimonials

Đi thuê TKQC mình từng gặp rất nhiều vấn đề: tiền vào chậm , support kém,... Cuối cùng, mình cũng đã chọn được 1 đơn vị thuê TK Invoice ưng ý - đó là NEMI ADS.

Anh Duy Kinh doang online

Customer Testimonials

Đừng mong tối ưu quảng cáo nếu không có TKQC khỏe để chạy. Từ khi thuê Tk Invoice của NEMI ADS tôi đã không còn lo về TKQC nữa.

Anh Sơn Kinh doang online

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you still curious about TikTok Agency Advertising accounts? Nemi Ads is here to support you anytime.

    Unfortunately, you cannot purchase TikTok Invoice accounts. They can only be leased or provided for free by TikTok partners. Any Agency accounts for sale are either scams or have been deactivated.

    You’ll need a registered email for your TikTok Ads account.

    Our Nemi Ads team will check and provide guidance on your product before running advertisements.

    You can run multiple domains on a TikTok account that has been allocated to you.

    There are two scenarios for account deactivation:

    – Scenario 1: An account is penalized for policy violations and unusual activities. It will be locked for 30 days, and the funds will be held in the account. After 30 days, the account will be reactivated, and the funds can be spent normally.

    – Scenario 2: An account is penalized multiple times for policy violations (despite multiple warnings). In this case, it will be permanently locked, and you won’t be able to retrieve the funds.


    NEMI ADS is always ready to share new research and applications related to advertising accounts in particular and business in general.

    Contact NEMI ADS

    The support team of NEMI ADS always provides detailed consultation for customers before deciding to sign up for the service.

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