Terms of Use


  1. Party B provides Facebook advertising accounts to Party A for direct online advertising services to promote Party A’s brand and products in Facebook’s permitted ad placements.
  2. Party B will manage Facebook advertising accounts and support Facebook-related issues for Party A.
  3. Party B will consult and support Party A in matters related to Facebook policies. Party A is responsible for making adjustments according to the advised policies. In cases where Party A’s Facebook ads cannot be executed due to policy violations not rectified according to Party B’s advice, Party A will be fully responsible.


  1. Party A submits account registration information as per the form. Party B will provide accounts when Party A’s website and fan page meet the requirements.
  2. During the term of this Contract, Party A will run multiple advertising campaigns. Execution methods, advances/payments, and general terms of rights and obligations of both parties will be implemented according to this Contract, unless specified otherwise in specific agreements recorded in the exchange emails between both parties.
  3. In case Party A delays payment obligations to Party B, apart from Party B’s right to request Party A to fulfill the provisions of this Contract, Party B may temporarily suspend campaigns or stop Party A’s Facebook account for a corresponding number of days, without notice to Party A.
  4. When the account is disabled (not due to Party A’s fault), Party B will appeal the account back to Party A. If, after 3 days of account appeal, the account does not return, Party B will process a new account for Party A. Party A must pay the new account setup fee (the balance of the old account will be transferred to the new account).
  5. In the event that the account is disabled, and the fault is not on the part of Party A:
    1. Due to Facebook’s error.
    2. When the images and content have been approved, but the account is disabled without a clear reason.

Party B will proceed to register a new account for Party A without Party A incurring any additional fees.


1. Neither Party A nor Party B shall be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of any term or condition of this Contract if and to the extent that such non-fulfillment has been delayed or temporarily obstructed due to an event beyond its control, occurring objectively, unforeseeable, unavoidable, and regardless of the measures taken, (including but not limited to fire, natural disasters, epidemics, war, riots, civil war, State intervention, strikes, etc.), and/or not due to the fault or negligence of the affected party, and/or despite applying all necessary means in the realm of possibility. Such events are referred to as Force Majeure events.

Resolution of Disputes

During the execution of the Contract, if any conflicts or disputes arise from or are related to the Contract, both parties should notify each other to discuss and resolve them in a cooperative and goodwill spirit, for the benefit of both parties. In cases where differences cannot be resolved, disputes will be settled at the competent People’s Court. Incurred costs include, but are not limited to, negotiation and resolution costs, court fees, legal fees, third-party dispute resolution fees, and other related expenses borne by the losing party.

Other Clauses

  1. Both parties commit to strictly abide by all the provisions in the Contract and any other related documents or appendices (if any).
  2. The Contract is effective from the date of signing until the campaign concludes.
  3. Any amendments or additions to this Contract must be made in writing and with the mutual agreement and signatures of both parties. These amended or additional documents are an integral part of the Contract.
  4. This Contract is executed in duplicate, with each party holding one copy for implementation.

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