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We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and will make every effort, utilizing suitable measures, to ensure that the information you provide during website usage is secured and protected against unauthorized access. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the prevention of all unauthorized access.

We do not authorize third parties to collect or store consumer personal information. In case unauthorized access beyond our control, we shall not be liable for any claims, disputes, or damages arising from or related to such unauthorized access.

1. Purpose and Scope of Data Collection:

  • Primary data collection on the website includes customer names, phone numbers, and addresses. This information is mandatory for customer registration and is used for contacting and confirming customer orders, ensuring customer rights.

2. Usage of Information:

We utilize customer-provided information to:

  • Deliver services and products to our customers.
  • Send notifications regarding information exchange activities between customers and the website.
  • Transmit appealing promotional programs about products to customers.
  • Communicate and resolve issues with customers in special cases.

3. Commitment to Secure Customer Personal Information:

  • We pledge absolute security of customer personal information on the website.
  • Collection and utilization of information for each customer is only carried out with the customer’s consent.
  • We ensure absolute security for all online transaction information of customers, including invoice details.

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