Google ads or Facebook ads: Which is the optimal choice for your business

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When it comes to implementing online marketing campaigns, one of the most common questions is: “Should I run Google ads or Facebook ads?”. With these two powerful and globally popular advertising platforms, determining the right choice can directly impact the effectiveness of your campaign. In this article, Nemi Ads will provide some valuable insights to help you make the best decision. Join Nemi Ads to find out more!

1. Comparing Google Ads and Facebook Ads

1.1. Marketing Expenses

As of the present moment, there are no entirely accurate figures regarding the marketing costs on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Nevertheless, to gain a better understanding of which platform to run advertisements on, you can refer to some data as follows:

Research from Meta For Business indicates that advertising on Google has a higher cost per click and a lower conversion rate compared to Facebook advertising. However, this type of marketing has the ability to attract a click-through rate that is 3.17% higher than Facebook Ads. This also implies that implementing Google Ads can help businesses improve their purchase rate, thus compensating for the cost per click.

Furthermore, because Google Ads target users who are already prepared to allocate a budget for purchasing, businesses can quickly realize a return on investment. Meanwhile, converting potential customers into actual customers when running Facebook ads takes more time, as most users are not inclined to make purchases on this platform.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Pricing comparison chart between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

1.2. User Behavior Trends

Google advertising is characterized by its focus on users’ active buying intent. When entering keywords into the search bar, users can easily observe the displayed ad formats right at the top positions. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses because the target audience is progressively going through the shopping process. Once users search for a specific product or service, they can quickly access advertisements and marketing promotions, thereby increasing conversion rates and profit potential.

In contrast to Google advertising, Facebook Ads does not have this proactive nature. Facebook is a platform built to facilitate user interactions with friends, family, and the community. Therefore, during their usage, users are less likely to actively seek out products or services. As a result, the conversion process may encounter certain limitations. Nonetheless, Facebook remains an extremely valuable platform for brand building. By creating specific awareness of a business’s products and services, people are more likely to make a purchase when a specific need arises.

Comparing google ads and facebook ads

Google advertising targets proactive customer segments searching for keywords related to a business’s products and services

1.3. Feature

Targeting the Audience

When comparing the targeted features, it can be asserted that Facebook Ads holds a distinct advantage. Currently, the system provides a multitude of targeting options, encompassing age, income, interests, behaviors, geographical location, life events, and more. Additionally, with an array of advanced targeting features at your disposal, you can create custom audiences or lookalike audiences from your current user list. This allows for an expansion of the ad distribution scope, thus enhancing your ability to reach customers and improve conversion rates for your business.

Google Ads also permits businesses to distribute ads through demographic targeting. However, this marketing approach predominantly relies on user search queries. While it still ensures that ads can reach the right customer segments, the scope of targeting is more constrained compared to Facebook Ads.

Targeting the Audience

Advertising on Facebook allows businesses to target their audience more specifically compared to advertising on Google

Display ad placement options

Facebook advertising offers businesses the flexibility to select various display locations. Users can come across your marketing templates in their news feed, Stories, or the right-hand interface. Moreover, Facebook Ads can also appear within Messenger, Instagram, and across all other assets under Meta.

As for Google Ads, businesses have two primary choices: Google Search and the Google Display Network (GDN), which includes platform partners like Channel 14, Báo Mới, Amazon, and others. In fact, in most cases, marketers opt for displaying ads on Google Search, as it is where they wield the highest control over ad placement.

1.4. Advertising Format

When it comes to advertising formats, businesses today have the flexibility to run Facebook ads using a variety of different formats, such as image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, instant experience ads, and more. With Google Ads, every marketer crafts concise text blocks to capture the attention of their target customer profiles on the SERP. You can leverage Google ad extensions to expand the ad space and marketing information.

The noteworthy aspect is that both Google and Facebook allow you to create carousel ads. This is deemed one of the highly promising online marketing methods, leading to a potential increase in Click-Through Rates (CTR) of up to 72% (Databox). This also implies that businesses can reach a broader customer base, thereby boosting sales and profit potential optimally.

Advertising Format of facebook ads and google ads

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads offer a wide array of diverse advertising formats

1.5. Principle of Operation

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads operate on an auction-based model where businesses need to set competitive bidding prices and demonstrate the quality of their marketing campaigns. However, they still exhibit distinct differences.

The distribution process for Facebook Ads relies on the predefined targeting settings set by businesses. This allows marketers to precisely display their ads to specific customer groups based on factors such as age, gender, interests, behaviors, and other relevant criteria. Through the utilization of algorithms, the platform optimizes the ad distribution process, aiding businesses in achieving the best conversion rates.

On the other hand, when it comes to Google Ads, in addition to bidding prices, the system also considers the keywords used by businesses and users’ search queries to ensure accurate ad placement. If the platform identifies significant similarities between these two factors, the ad will be displayed accordingly.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads

The operational mechanisms of Google Ads and Facebook Ads also exhibit distinct differences

2. Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Based on the information shared by Nemi Ads, it is evident that Facebook Ads and Google Ads are both highly potential marketing methods. They serve different objectives for businesses. Therefore, instead of considering these two types as rivals, the most effective approach is to use them flexibly to complement each other.

However, not every business has the budget and resources to simultaneously run Google and Facebook advertising. Therefore, to make an appropriate choice of marketing methods, careful consideration is necessary, taking into account the objectives, potential customer base, budget, and the business field of the company.

If your goal is to build brand awareness or promote affordable consumer products or fashion items, Facebook Ads are the superior choice. Conversely, if the business objective is to boost the sales of high-value products, implementing Google advertising campaigns will be the most effective approach.

The success of an advertising campaign greatly hinges on the choice of the appropriate platform in line with a business’s direction and resources. We hope that Nemi Ads’ article can provide you with a deeper understanding of Google advertising and Facebook advertising, enabling you to make informed, optimal decisions. Make it a habit to visit Nemi Adsregularly to stay updated with a variety of other informative articles!


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