07 Secrets to Boost Sales When Running Facebook Advertising

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Facebook has become the most widely used social media platform worldwide, which also signifies that the level of competition among businesses in the digital space has reached its peak. At this point, a critical question arises: how can businesses not only survive but thrive and optimize their ROI while executing online marketing campaigns on Facebook?

In the following article, Nemi Ads is pleased to share 10 strategies to help businesses boost their sales when running Facebook Ads. Join Nemi Ads to explore the details right now!

1. Participate in discussions regarding your brand

Social listening involves actively monitoring various social media platforms for references and dialogues pertaining to your brand. The subsequent analysis of these interactions can lead to actionable insights. These actions could range from expressing gratitude to a satisfied customer or adjusting your return policy in response to a negative customer review.
Furthermore, this also presents a great opportunity for you to engage with potential target segments, thereby showcasing your Brand Voice, while simultaneously leaving a lasting impression on customers. Once a brand has established a certain position in the minds of consumers, they are more likely to make purchases and use the products and services of the business in the future.

how to Boost Sales When Running Facebook Advertising

Listening to the opinions and feedback of customers about the product and service helps you gain a deeper understanding of their needs

2. Apply the AIDA model

The growing presence of Facebook also implies an escalating level of competition among businesses in the online environment. Hence, to boost sales, the prerequisite is to capture the attention of customers and make them interested in your products and services. This is the very reason why the AIDA model is prioritized by businesses when constructing marketing campaigns:

  • A – Attention: Create unique and impressive headlines that highlight the most essential aspect of your marketing content, for example: “Garnier’s New Vitamin C – the Secret to Radiant Skin from Within.”
  • I – Interest: Describe the product or service’s distinct features and value, such as: “Garnier’s vitamin C, combined with Yuzu extract and Green Lab technology, provides 30 times more vitamin C for brighter, blemish-free skin in just 3 days.”
  • D – Desire: Outline the benefits that customers will receive when they engage with the advertisement (discounts, promotions, etc.), for instance: “Get a 30% discount on orders worth 300,000 VND or more…”
  • A – Action: Incorporate various Calls to Action (CTA) to prompt users to take specific actions, like “Buy Now” or “Learn More.”


How to increase revenue when running Facebook ads

The AIDA formula aids in crafting engaging and imaginative content templates

3. Amplify the Reach of a Well-Received Post

Occasionally, there’s a bit of hesitation when it comes to running an advertisement, primarily due to the uncertainty surrounding its performance. Will it attract clicks, or will it merely drain the budget? This is where the strategy of enhancing an already successful post comes into play.

You have the option to select a post that has already proven its mettle by garnering a substantial number of shares, click-throughs, and interactions. In essence, it’s a tried-and-true performer. All that’s left to do is give it a boost, broadening its exposure to potentially reach thousands of new individuals.

You can choose to promote it to your existing page followers or expand your reach to an entirely new audience. (I’ll delve into some more targeted approaches in a moment). With a boosted post, you’re virtually guaranteed an upsurge in sales and heightened visibility.

 increase revenue when running Facebook ads

Cocoon leverages existing posts to run advertisements, expanding the reach to customers

4. Choosing diverse advertising formats for flexibility

According to the latest Hootsuite report on digital statistics and trends, Facebook advertising has the potential to reach 16.7% of the global population, which is approximately 2.136 billion people. However, to ensure that your marketing campaign can positively impact overall business operations and, more specifically, the sales revenue of your business, it is crucial to accurately identify the potential customer base and the type of advertising that aligns with your product.

At present, you have the option to choose from one of the following marketing formats:

  • Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Messenger Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Native Ads

Selecting an appropriate advertising format that aligns with users’ preferences and behaviors is also a means to enhance revenue for a business

5. Use Chatbot

During the deployment of advertising campaigns on Facebook, especially Messenger ads, employing chatbot tools is an intelligent strategy to boost sales. Thanks to the integration of AI technology and predefined scripts, chatbots can easily interact and provide customers with vital information regarding a business’s products and services.

Furthermore, today’s chatbots can be customized to deliver a personalized experience for specific customer groups. Not only that, during conversations with customers, this tool can suggest similar products based on the customer’s needs, while guiding them to complete the purchase process swiftly.

In cases where users are still undecided about purchasing a product, you can completely set up scenarios for the chatbot to propose alternative options. Connecting and responding promptly to customer inquiries will help create a seamless shopping experience, thereby positively impacting the business’s sales figures.

boost revenue whe running Facebook ads

A chatbot possesses the capability to swiftly address customer inquiries, consequently expediting their purchase decision-making process

6. Unique and creative image design

Designing unique and creative imagery is crucial in today’s world. Users tend to quickly scroll through data feeds, making creative image design a key determinant of a campaign’s success. The images in marketing templates should be vibrant, eye-catching, and have the appropriate resolution for the advertising format. Avoiding the use of low-quality, pixelated, or blurry images is essential. Using such images can give customers a negative perception of product quality and brand credibility, resulting in a drop in sales.

In cases where product images and models are combined in marketing templates, ensure that the images used are close-ups, and the models evoke emotions in viewers. According to experts, conveying emotions in marketing templates can double the click-through rate (CTR).

Additionally, you can also design images following the 1/3 principle. By dividing the frame into nine equal square segments and placing the product image at the intersection of the horizontal lines, you can easily highlight the product, thereby capturing the customer’s attention.

tips boost revenue when running Facebook ads

An example of image design based on the ⅓ principle

7. Provide specific numbers

In Marketing, pricing, general promotional activities, and discount programs, in particular, are all factors that directly influence the psychology and buying behavior of consumers. When a business sells a product, people want to know exactly how much it costs and the advantages they will receive if they make a purchase from the advertisement. Therefore, providing the aforementioned information in a specific and clear manner in marketing materials is particularly important.

In the digital economy, enhancing the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns is an ongoing challenge for businesses. We hope that Nemi Ads’ article has provided you with a better understanding of how to increase sales when running Facebook ads. Be sure to visit Nemi Ads regularly to stay updated with a variety of other valuable articles.

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