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just a blink

JUST A BLINK represents the core goal of NEMI ADS that we want to focus on.

NEMI ADS will always be a companion and support for customers throughout their journey.

Just a blink and NEMI ADS will be there whenever the customer needs.

Lưu Thiện Ân – Founder NEMI ADS


Our Services Include

Strong Accounts for Effective Campaigns


- Free Account Opening
- No Deposits, No Fees
- Unlimited Accounts
- Deposit in 10 Seconds


- Reasonable Rates: 1 - 3%
- Robust Accounts for diverse Campaigns
- Deposit in 10 Seconds
- High limits (from $250 to no limit)


- Affordable Rates: 2 - 5%
- Quick spent with high efficiency
- Robust Accounts for diverse Campaigns
- No Content Approval Required

Why Choose Us?

We are here to support our customers every step of the way  to dealing with any advertising-related issues.

Professional Team

All of our support staff have achieved META certifications.

24/7 Support

Assistance available at all times, ensuring absolute customer information security.

Advertising Consultation

Advice on advertising accounts, content error checks, and optimizing campaigns.

Low Rate Fees

Deposit fees as low as 1% to 3%, no VAT charges.

Knowledge Sharing

Regular training programs directly from the Founder and CMO.

Swift Deposits

Deposit funds
within 3 seconds.

What the Experts Say?

As a leading provider of advertising account, we have received positive feedback from all our partners regarding the quality of our services.

Renting advertising accounts from NEMI ADS at just 3% rate is not only cost-effective but also fast in terms of support. Thanks to this, I can focus on optimizing my business.
Mr. Duy Muối
Founder of DC Group
I've had various issues with Invoice partners: slow deposits, delayed support, and more. Finally, I found a satisfactory solution with Nemi Ads.
Mr. Phùng Thái Học
Founder of WOW Agency
Don't expect to optimize your advertising without strong advertising accounts. Since I started renting Invoice accounts from Nemi Ads, I haven't worried about accounts anymore.
Mr. Donnie Chu
Founder of DC Group
To grow your business on Facebook right now, you need stable advertising accounts. Working with Nemi Ads, I've been running advertising campaigns for a year without any account issues.
Mr. Vũ Minh Trà
Founder of Babyhop

Company Activities

Nemi Ads is a company that provides advertising accounts to businesses, sole proprietors, and individuals. The company specializes in online advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Tiktok.

With a professional team, Nemi Ads is committed to provide the best quality service to our customers. Our company continually utilizes new technologies and creative methods to help clients optimize their advertising campaigns and achieve their business goals.


Having isuues with your advertising accounts?


NEMI ADS is always ready to share new research and applications related to advertising accounts in particular and business in general.

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The support team of NEMI ADS always provides detailed consultation for customers before deciding to sign up for the service.

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